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Being bilingual is not enough, so all our translators are either business specialists, further focusing on translation, or translation graduates, specialized in a specific field. They are selected through a rigorous process, and subject to regular evaluation. They translate exclusively into their native language.

All our translations are being re-processed (proofread) by a linguist, always different from the translator, and strictly quality controlled.

We answer your requests within a few hours, often in less than an hour, because we know that your time is valuable.


CIK Lingua, thanks to its qualified network of experienced French and foreign linguists, can support all your translations needs, at any time, regardless of the source language and target language.

For each customer, or project, we create a dedicated lexical base, or translation memory, in which we can include the existing terminology specific to your business. This database grows as the project grows, for perfect terminological coherence.

A project manager, linguist or terminologist, is dedicated to each client or project, and will be your single point of contact. He, or she, will work with you on your project, will select linguists, will coordinate their work and will conduct a rigorous quality control before delivery.


CIK Lingua adapts its level of intervention and its services to your specific needs, should your document be simply informative, distributed internally, or intended to be published.


All our translators must sign a confidentiality agreement, or NDA, before starting any work for CIK Lingua, which commits them to absolute professional secrecy. All stakeholders are also regularly made aware of privacy-related issues and data security. All your documents will be stored on a secure server.


Your time is valuable. We are committed to always being on time and on budget.

Our main areas of expertise

Technical translations

Nowadays, many companies have globalised, or are moving their R & D centres, if not production, abroad. Technical translation is thus an essential component of communication. Our technical translators are all specialized and experienced in a specific area.
Automotive, Aeronautics, Industry, Engineering, etc.

Financial translations

Financial translation is an area in which both accuracy and consistency are paramount. Our specialized linguists have a perfect knowledge of the terms and concepts specific to international finance, and of local standards as appropriate.
Annual reports, KIIDs, Brochures, Market research, etc.

Legal translations

Legal translation is, by nature, the field where the smallest error can have serious consequences. Our experts, French and foreign, have perfect knowledge of local laws in addition to language skills.
Contracts, Patents, Licenses, Confidentiality Agreements, etc.

Medical translations

Development and launch of new drugs, WMA files, product sheets and medical equipment, whatever your need of medical translation, CIK Lingua offers you the expertise and the precision required in the industry.

Of course, we can bring you our expertise regardless of your industry.

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