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General terms and conditions

1. Object

All services ordered to CIK Lingua lead to acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions following, notwithstanding any different or contrary term of CIK Lingua customers, for which it is in advance and without reservation expressly waived by him.

2. Rates

The mentioned rates are only for works performed in normal conditions. They are purely indicative. In case of difficulties due to poor drafting of the original text, handwritten text, isolated passages, discontinuous text, words without context, tables, summaries, classifications, lists of spare parts, legends of photos, plans and drawings, translation from magnetic tapes, a special rate increased from 20 to 100% will be provided in the quote.
In the case of very short deadlines imposed by the customer, an emergency rate will be applied. The translation of documents, or any other work performed by CIK Lingua, will begin only after receipt of a purchase order or of a signed quote.

3. Commitments of the client

Texts are provided by the customer, printed or typed, in hard copy or under digital form. They are accompanied by any information considered relevant by the customer. When a specific terminology must be respected, the customer agrees to provide glossaries, lexicons, and/or reference texts. The customers are committed to provide the texts to be translated in due time in their final form. They are also committed to answer the technical issues that could be raised by CIK Lingua.

4. Obligations of CIK Lingua

CIK Lingua agrees to have any translation, or any other work, it accepts performed by professionals. In accordance with the law of contract, the translation should be of fair quality and meet the rules of the art. CIK Lingua agrees to keep confidential all documents entrusted to CIK Lingua, and commits to make a quality control review of the translated or written document.

5. Payment terms

Prices are generally established based on the number of words. Invoices are payable 30 days’ net from their date of issue. Late payment results in the right to apply an interest rate equal to 1.5% per month. If the collection of a debt also requires the intervention of an agent or the introduction of a legal action, the amount of this debt will be increased by 10% as a penalty clause, and will be increased by the amount of the costs incurred.

For any first order, and for any amount greater than 2,000€ pre-tax, a deposit of 50% will be paid at the time of the order.

In case of order cancellation, cancellation fees will be equal to the cost of the delivery conducted.

6. Responsibility of CIK Lingua

To be acceptable, any dispute as to the quality or delivery of the commissioned works must be made by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 8 days from the delivery of the work. For this purpose, only the date of departure from CIK Lingua offices will be considered. No claim is likely to justify the retention of all or part of the payment.
The mission of CIK Lingua is limited to the translation of documents, and not their content. Its responsibility is not engaged when the source text does not allow a fair translation, or when deadlines cannot be met due to an event of force majeure. CIK Lingua’s liability is limited to the amount of the corresponding billing or the total value of the contract.

7. Litigation

In case of dispute, only the commercial court of Brest is responsible even if there is plurality of defendants.